BMW Certified Tourguide


The Alkemist Adventures is a story about us, Marko and Tony, two friends who met at the crossroads of life and who share the same dream.

We are adventure enthusiasts and experts who believe that life is an adventure, so it is vital to balance business and fun.

We only have one world, so we think we should experience it in all its beauty. And because friendship is an adventure, too, we enjoy meeting special people along the way. We believe in all of this with our whole being – and that’s why we set out on the trip with you, as your friends and guides!

Our motorcycle trips are one of a kind

– a boiling mixture of the wildest adventure on astonishing bikes and with sublime cuisine, all wrapped up in a cultural experience of different religions and regional architecture. No trip is the same: even though we personally guide you through the adventure, we still have many things to discover for the very first time as well.

All our trips are completely unique!


Networks of exciting routes, often in complete wilderness and created on the fly, FOOD like you’ve never tasted before, stunning ACCOMMODATION, handpicked for your adventure, and new friends who you will treasure forever.

Your ride with us will be one of your favourite stories.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

Only 3 tours in 2024, 6-8 people per tour