BMW Certified Tourguide


Adventurers in many ways, friends for 15 years, sharing businesses, a passion for sports and adventure - we are Marko and Tony - your guides.

When wanderlust hits us, we just hop on our bikes and go.

The first tours we did were just for fun and with a couple of friends, who loved it so much they made us take their friends... and the story of hidden roads and premium accommodation grew.

Meet new people along the road, try new and exciting things, chase your dreams.

Alkemist Adventures is our dream.


You'll love our attention to detail almost as much as you'll love the FOOD and ACCOMMODATION we hand picked for your adventure.

Your ride with us will be one of your favourite stories to tell.

And it will never be boring to hear.

Ready to ride?

Don’t postpone your dream – the adventure of a lifetime is waiting!

Only 3 tours in 2021, 6-8 people per tour